A Liberty Theater in Madrid turns into a design gym

An ancient theater becomes a design gym without losing its original architecture. This is the bold interior design project curated by the studio Esebé - led by designer Susana Brogueras - which thanks to a skilful analysis of the spaces transformed the Teatro Arenal in Madrid (characterized by a classic 1920s Liberty style) into a modern fitness area.

The so-called MYST Gym Club, opened in 2017 at La Puerta del Sol in the Spanish capital, maintains the details of the native building with a “surprise factor”, which makes it particularly glamorous and trendy.

For the new flooring of more than 2000 square meters, the architecture studio opted for Gerflor vinyl solutions, telling: “We needed a simple and fast installation, besides high standards of durability and an attractive design, respecting the space we were planning and meeting its demanding clientele”.

The old theater stage, now converted into a VIP area for relaxation, presents a new look with Taralay Impression floor that offers a particular resistance to wear and a great ease of maintenance, given by the Protecsol2 surface treatment and the glass fiber with which it is reinforced.

The area for cardio and cycling has been set up in the space formerly dedicated to the seats of the stalls. Being an area with heavy traffic, they selected Creation 55 with click installation system in order to have a possible fixing without the use of glues on the basis, to get a fast system with vertical hooking.

Finally, for the weight room, Brogueras chose Creation 70, with click system too. The designers used colors and wood effects to differentiate the sports areas from the passageways.