An abandoned farmhouse turns into a renovated country house

Peaks, ridges, dips and valleys alternates one another in the spur of the Piedmont Alps, where erosion offers amazing scenarios: massive ranges, jagged ridges, lowered areas corresponding to large open cuts in the mountains.

Surrounded by this beautiful landscape, an “abandoned” old country house came back to life turning into a comfortable holiday home for the family. Located on the slopes of the great mountain ranges, the structure presented the typical damages caused by the capillary rising dampness, in both flooring and vertical walls.

Renovation and materials

The first phase of the renovation was crucial: the screed of the whole structure was entirely rebuilt; after removing the damaged and inconsistent parts, the SC 420* bottom screed produced by Fassa Bortolo was chosen. The company provided the other products too.

The project of renovation and redevelopment went on by recovering the walls: first by removing all the parts of disjointed and inconsistent plaster, then by redeveloping the entire masonry, from the ground up to the roof.

The eco-mortar for white masonry MB 49 –  by Fassa too – were used to renovate the stones of the walls, which were unstable and disjoined, useful for filling and reinforcing gaps and discontinuities of the walls.

The last phase, aimed to definitively restore the walls from rising dampness, involved a new plastering with the application of the dehumidifying plaster RisanaFacile: macroporous, lightened, fiber-reinforced and white eco-plaster, which can be used both as a rough coat and as a base coat. While the dry parts of the external and internal walls, which only required the remaking of the plaster, were restored with KC 1, a base coat made of lime and hydraulic binder were used for exteriors and interiors.

*SC 420 by Fassa Bortolo

Cement-based screed for interior and exterior floors

Use: SC 420 is a base screed, which is used as a substrate layer, for interiors and exteriors, for wooden floors, vinyl, linoleum, wall-to-wall carpeting and ceramic tiles.

Supply: special bags with protection against moisture approx. 25kg.