Color and materic mix for C Offices by FORTE Architetti

C Offices is the fit out design for the executive offices of a multinational company based in Cape Town. The design created by FORTE Architetti distorts the rigid and unfunctional given layout to create dynamic environments in constant relationship with each other. The aim to break the traditional office scheme of isolated rooms is reached by the introduction of comfortable co-working spaces and common rooms.

A meticulous research on materials and cladding solutions has been carried out together with a careful study of light and shadows to provide the new environment with a sophisticated but comfortable value.

A non-linear corridor articulates and marks the sequence of spaces: materials and colors change and complement each other. The warmth of the timber is well combined with the temper of a colored coating in the common spaces; the offices and the meeting room, instead, are dressed in softer colors.

The client's brief indeed, required the office to have two different souls: one more social, sophisticated and luxurious where to receive and entertain the clients often visiting from overseas; the other one lighter, more practical and effective where the staff members would comfortably work.

Hence the green and the white colors to feature the two different souls. The attention to details, the choices of materials, well conceived lighting associated with a careful functional study translate into the harmonious and yet strongly impacting aspect that relatively small spaces are able to communicate.

photo credits Adam Letch