Istrian tradition and contemporary materials for Villa Elena

Villa Elena, located in Golaš (Croatia), is not only a charming holiday house with a swimming pool, but also a striking example of how the wise mix of different elements can give a unique result, designed for the hospitality of a careful clientele.

The architectural project, curated by the designer Dino Vodopija, involved a substantial restructuring of the original dwelling built in 1850, culminating in the creation of a 208m² accommodation facility including spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms, a large open-plan living area and an outdoor furnished for open air relaxation.

The interiors are characterized by a winning stylistic mix of rural, ancient and modern charm, which combines contemporary and industrial accessories to others that are retro-inspired and slightly country.

The material balance of the project is based on the alternation of modernity and Istrian tradition, choosing the metal-effect porcelain stoneware of the collection Interior 9 by ABK as the main protagonist, besides cementitious resin, natural wood, iron and local stone. In particular, the designer and the owner Maja Dujmińá selected the ceramic surfaces to insert a common thread between the different environments, maintaining a constant sense of lightness and cleanliness that must be conveyed to the guests. The metal inspirations of Interno 9, declined in the chromatic versions Silver, Mud and Dark, favor and exalt the stylistic references of the interior concept.

photo via Novasol

Il materiale: INTERNO 9 WIDE ABK

The material: INTERNO 9 WIDE ABK The porcelain stoneware line re-interprets the industrial mood of oxidized metals and transfers it to large slabs up to 160x320 cm; the material can be thus applied to any space (residential and commercial), also to cover tops or furnishing elements, architectural volumes or external facades. INTERNO 9 WIDE has a wide range of formats, all rectified and with natural finish, they can be used on floors and walls according to different laying patterns.

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