Renovation: kitchen in focus

The Light Earth countertop by SapienStone was used in a recent project by Spanish interior design studio Clysa: the renovation of a townhouse in the province of Barcelona. The clients wanted to rehabilitate the first floor of their home, remodeling the interiors to create a more spacious feel while improving room functionality and comfort.

To do this, interior designers Raquel García and Rogelio Martinazzo designed a peninsula-style kitchen by combining the Fine model by Santos with the Light Earth countertop by SapienStone. This texture is part of the brand’s Earthlike collection, which features four different shades reflecting the ageless charm of stone.

As the interior designers explained: “SapienStone’s products caught our eye for their finishes, which have outstanding natural-looking textures. We have been working with this material for some time now and the results have always been excellent. We chose the Light Earth texture: besides being modern, it gives the kitchen countertop the feel of natural stone, which is elegant and timeless at the same time. By combining it with wood and white lacquered doors, we were able to create a cozy, modern and well-lit kitchen where natural materials and the sense of spaciousness are enhanced.

The result is a Nordic-inspired sunny kitchen with simple lines . The Light Earth kitchen countertop , which has a natural finish and is only 12 mm thick , goes well with the lacquered wood doors of the kitchen. It is visually striking, since it is installed on a large peninsula that is designed to accommodate a wood finish snack counter facing the living area. A solution focused on sharing.

The high-quality porcelain stoneware countertops by SapienStone are also exceptionally resistant and easy to clean , which is certainly an advantage in such a demanding environment as the kitchen.

Photos: Kris Moya Studio